[1500] Biel-Tan Eldar For Tourney - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [1500] Biel-Tan Eldar For Tourney

    Soon, maybe over the weekend I will be playing in a tournament at my local gaming place ("Games Workshop"). So to get right into it, here's the list I'm thinking of bringing and I would like your advice. ANY comments are appreciated as long as they aren't degrading. (I can buy items at the last minute so don't hesitate to advise with adding stuff). Thanks in advace, here's the list:

    Jain Zar - 143

    6x Rangers - 114

    9x Banshees - 144 (Jain Zar will lead this squad)
    inc. Exarch w/ Executioner - 21
    Wave Serpeant - 110
    inc. spirit stones, T-L Starcannons - 25

    10x Striking Scorpions - 160
    inc. Exarch w/ Scorpion Claw - 27
    Wave Serpeant - 110
    inc. spirit stones, T-L Bright Lance - 25

    4x Dark Reapers - 148
    inc. Exarch w/ crackshot - 28

    Heavy Support:
    Wraithlord - 120
    inc. starcannon OR bright lance

    Wraithlord - 120
    inc. starcannon OR bright lance

    Falcon Grav Tank - 205
    inc. spirit stones, holo-field, starcannon, shuriken cannon upgrade

    total = 1500
    models = 30 (w/o W-Lords)
    tanks = 3 (w/o W-Lords)

    5th E Sand(Grey) Knights: 11-3 (retired) 5th E Eldar: 37-4 (retired) 5th E Wolves 5-0

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    People are probably going to give you problems for having 2 Wraith Lords. Also, having only 2 Wave Serpents means the opponent has an easier time shooting them down and stopping your squads from getting into hand to hand.

    Also, if you dropped the Shiruken cannon upgrade and the exarch upgrade on the Dark Reapers, would that allow you to purchase a fifth Dark Reaper? Seems like 5 would do more dmage than the four even w/ the exarch.
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