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    2000pt Friendly/Tournie

    I am starting Necrons because I will probably get a bunch in a trade with this person and I wanted to put together a list before I got the 'Crons. Here's a 2000 point list I came up with. I'm gonna use it with my friends and maybe in tournies. It is as follows:

    HQ: Lord with destroyer body, resurrection orb, phylacrety & disruption field=190pts

    Elites: 10 Immortals=280pts

    Troops: 15 warriors=270pts
    15 warriors=270pts
    15 warriors=270pts

    Fast Attack: 3 Destroyers=150pts
    4 Destroyers=200pts

    Heavy Support: 2 Heavy Destoryers=130pts
    1 Monolith=235pts

    Total: 1995pts

    (Note: I can also give the Lord chronometron instead of disruption fields wich would make it a 2000-point-strait army.)

    I was also wondering if the standard gunmetal grey paint cheme could easily be changed. I don't know how but maybe re-primering it and painting it differently?

    Thanks for the input!

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    If you are going to take the destroyer lord, drop the disruption field, give him a warscythe and a phylactery, plus join him to a unit of 3 Wraiths so they can kick some ASS. I would also suggest taking a 10 strong unit of scarabs, coz in my oppinion, they are one of the best units in a necron army. Here's why:
    1) Jetbikes. that means a 12 inch movement or you can jet boost
    2) 3 wounds each. they just soak up fire like a sponge.
    3) Tank eaters. Give them D fields (I usually do) and watch those 40 attacks the charge eat holes through that land raider.
    4) Most importantly, tying up annoying units. Just use the fast movement to engage Havocs/Devostators Squads/broadside battlesuits/ anything else that you dont want harrassing you.

    good first list though. You wont have to worry about phase out. if youre gonna have two units of destroyers keep them together so they benefit from WBB rolls from each other.
    Hope this helps!
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    Rather than have you shuffle your list and add other units, I'd do this:

    I agree with gangsta on the DLord. If you want him for tank hunting, give him the Warscythe as opposed to the DField, it's much more effective. However, as he is your only Lord, I wouldn't have him leave your lines at all. Since you are taking the Res orb keep him near the Necrons, otherwise it's a waste of points.

    Warriors are solid. You might try taking 3 units of 10 and 1 of 15, so you can split fire more effectively, but they're fine as is.

    Immortals are fine. Keep them behind a Warrior squad to force Target Priority checks.

    Destroyers are fine. Keep them within 6" of eachother.

    I never bother with Heavy support personally, but you'll definetly want to split those HDs into two squads of 1. It forces your opponent to dedicate 2 units to wiping them out. Also, keep them behind or in cover as they will draw a lot of fire. Since there are only two of them, two wounds will negate your WBB. I really don't like the monolith, but that's a personal preference. This will either draw an exorbitant amount of fire or none at all. An inexperience player will throw mass amounts of fire into it for the VP, an experienced player will avoid it and go for Phase Out (in your case [67/4] 14). Use this to your advantage in both cases.
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