121 Tyrant enhanced senses tox sacs 2xtwin-link devourers

80 16xSpinegaunts

90 9xHormagaunts

90 9xHormagaunts

50 ravener st&rc devourer

65 zoanthroape warp blast synapse
total 496 pts, 37 troops.

this small list will be used against space marines and orkz. combats should end up being long and crowded, yay. not sure how well this is gunna work. against the marines things shouldnt be too bad cause he will be fieldin either a dread or a pred soooo not too much worry. the orkz who knows but i should get more than a few of em dead with my tyrant, he doesnt use trukz for some reason or other. he will probably run with a big mob of grots and a big mob of slugga boyz a warboss and some other stuff. gah his numbers will probably be around 50 ish or 60 in troops, damn grots. any how i wonder if a small squad of warriors would be preferable to a tyrant in this list. thanks in advance for any help or comments.