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Thread: Necron [1000]

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    Necron [1000]

    Hey, I'm new to this site, and to warhammer. This is my first list, so all the help I can get would be appreciated.

    Necron Lord-150
    -War scythe
    -Ressurection Orb
    16 Warriors-288
    16 Warriors-288
    6 Scarabs-72
    3 Destroyers-150
    1 Tomb spider-55


    Ok, I know the warriors are really expensive for troops. But I don't want to phase out. Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to L-O and the hobby. Good choice on Necrons by the way.

    I would only really make 2 changes. Split your Warriors into 3 groups (10, 10, 12). You don't have a Monolith or a Veil in this army, and teleporting works better with larger squads. With 3 smaller squads, you can split or concentrate fire as you like. You also won't loose as much of your shooting if you get into CC. 16 Warriors will last longer than 10, but you would also loose 16 Gauss shots until combat was over.

    The other suggestion is drop the Warscythe. A Res Orb support foot lord won't see alot of CC, and when he does his Staff of Light is more than enough HtH weapon to deal with most threats.

    Otherwise, it's a very good first list. With the Tomb Spyder, you can spread your Warriors out a bit more. Be mindful that the Spyder's ability does not confer Res Orb bonuses (Power weapons, 2xT weapons), but merely gives you a wider same unit type range.

    I'd also keep the Destroyers in the back row to force Target Priority checks. The first thing you'll want to buy is more Destroyers.

    Scarabs are alot of fun and can be used as counterchargers, Target Priority sheilds, or shock troops. Don't count on them for any spectacular CC rounds, but they can hold their own.
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    I agree with Gojiratoho for the most part, drop the warscythe and break up the warriors.

    Although I would suggest dropping the Tombspyder and destroyers and getting immortals instead. In 1000 pt games you will see very little armor and the immortals will be mosre useful than destroyers, but I'm not a fan of destroyers so I would not use them regardless.

    it is mostly a matter of personal taste. I swear by immortals and my esteemed colleague likes destroyers better. use which ever one you prefer the both more or less do the same thing.

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