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    1850 balanced list

    i have spent a great deal of time tying to finf a necron army that could deal with all other armies, and i believe i have finally found it.
    lord, VOD, RO=200pts (with one warrior squad)
    d-lord, phase shfter, lightning field=185 (with scarabs)
    20 warriors=360
    20 warriors=360
    Fast attack
    10 scrarabs, d-fields
    4 destroyers=200
    3 destroyers=150
    Heavy support

    -this list is awesome because i can play both defensive and offensive with it. on defense i can shoot attackers as they come in with my destroyers, and teleport my warriors out of CC, and then counter charge with the scarabs. on offensive, my entire armie can teleport or jetbike to the enemy by turn two.

    -i was wondering what peoples opinions are on how this list will do against various oponents, and what potential weaknesses might be.

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    -Votewar 40K III= 1st place
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    That is a very formidable list tiax. The only thing (and this is pretty minor) is I'd be leary of VoDing Warriors, especially that many. Their range is such that you need to be able to get very close to the enemy to be effective (risking losses due to Deep Strike restrictions) and porting them would make them prime targets for the next rounds shooting phase. I would gladly turn my whole armies fire power on them if I had the chance of wiping out the squad. With a PO of 12, your opponent would have to kill 37 Necrons to phase you out. If you lose that squad, they'd only need to kill 17. I would only use the VoD as a last ditch effort against someone very experienced in fighting Necrons or Tourny armies. That or use it in conjunction with the Lith's teleporting ability.

    Again, it's a fairly minor weakness since it is so easy to shield, but it could be a devestating one.
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