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Thread: 1500 first try

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    1500 first try

    Archon w/ Reaver, Shadow Field, Power Weapon, Combat Drugs - 160

    10 Wyches w/ Wych Weapons, one upgraded to Succubus w/ Animus Vitae - 153
    -Raider w/ Scaling Nets, Trophy Racks -70
    Total - 223

    6 Grotesques + Haemonculus w/ Scissor Hand
    -Raider (55), Scaling Nets -60
    Total -180

    10 Warriors, 2 w/ Dark Lances -100
    10 Warriors, 2 w/ Dark Lances -100
    15 Warriors, 2 w/ Splinter Cannons, 2 w/ Blasters -150
    15 Warriors, 2 w/ Splinter Cannons, 2 w/ Blasters -150

    5 Reavers, 2 Blasters, Succubus w/ Haywire Grenades, Terrorfex, Power weapon, Archangel of Pain -200
    Joined by Archon

    Ravager w/ 2 Disintegrators -115
    Ravager w/ 2 Disintegrators, horrorfex -120

    Total 1498

    Basically, the reavers cause havoc, shooting a squad w/ the terrorfex, if it isn't pinned assaulting it, and shooting tanks w/ blasters, and then assaulting them too. the Grots and Wyches work together, the assault so all the wyches, the haemonculi and one grotesque are in base-to-base with the enemy, the enemy fall back due to terrifying, the wyches sweep them down w/ I6 and then consolidate to the next squad. The warriors w/ Dark Lances sit back and shoot, and the other, larger squads flit from cover to cover, laying down a hail of fire from the cannons and later the rifles. the ravagers sit back and shoot, and ocasionally pin the enamy w/ the horrorfex.

    this is my first list. have i got the right idea?

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    grots arent usually worth it and a raider really is a death trap for them. howver if you get em out in time they can be a real pain.

    do the ravager have 2 dissies and 1 dark lance each? having played DE for many years i can can tell you mixing ravager weapons isnt a good idea.
    dissies are useless against vehicles and DL against troops, its better to specialise in this case and go with 3 DLs or 3 Disses.

    i´d drop the archangel and give the succubus an agoniser, s3 arent all that great but always wounding on 4+ is
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