hi again
in my faming group, we have started playing 40k in 40 minutes, with 500 pts armyslists (we know the rules say 400, but we like the 500 better)
there we got this khornemarineplayer, which most of the time get 2nd turn charges, with the one unit he uses, and then my tau are pretty much lost. (to say, he just owned everybody in our little campaign with 4 players, but still...)

the lists i used, was either:
crisis suit with multitracker, plasmarifle and missilepod

6 stealthsuits with 'ui

12 Firewarriors with 'ui and devilfish with multitracker, decoylauncher and targetting array

(this is the one i used against him)

and the other:

16 kroot, with the lesser shaper, found at some page on the internet, i dont remember where and shaperupgrade.

12 firewarriors with 'ui

12 firewarriors with 'ui

8 gun drones

do you think the last of the lists will work better? or do you have any other tips i can use? there were not much cover i could place my kroot in, so that tactic wouldn't work.

but can you guys help me make a really cheesy list, as evn how little i like the idea, everybody else at my group doesn't carry one bit about fluff or good conversions/paintjobs, so the only way i have any chance of playing more than two turns, would be to join the cheesefest :cry:

i really hope you can help a very sad tau player :diespam: (sorry, just had to use it )

ps, if we play with 500 pts, opposed to the 400 wouldn't it be 40k in 50 minutes? :shifty:
(man, i kill myself )