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    workin' up army (2100 pts)

    I just started, and all I have is one box of da boyz, I have lots of 40k experence, and I know it doesn't do to buy models and ask questions later, so please critisize.
    main opponentsIn order of how much I face tham)Eldar, Space marines, Imperial Guard,
    Tyranids, and Necrons.

    HQ:Warboss(60pts), w/choppa and slugga(3pts), 'eavy armour(8pts), Cybork body(10pts)

    ELITEStorm boyz X9(120pts),+1 nob w/slugga and choppa(26pts)

    ELITES:'Ard boyz X19(228pts), +1 nob w/choppa and slugga(28pts)

    TROOPSlugga boyz X30(270), 2 big shootas(16pts), and a rokkit launcha(5pts)

    TROOPSlugga boys X30(270), 2 burnas(12pts), and a rokkit launcha(5pts)

    TROOPS:Tank bustas X10(110pts), w/3 rokkit launchas(21pts)

    TROOPS:Grot squad X29(87), slaver(9pts)

    TROOPS:Grot squad X29(87), slaver(9pts)

    FAST ATTACK:Trukk boyz X9(162), nob w/choppa and slugga(20pts), trukk(30pts) w/armour plates(5pts), grot riggers(2pts), red paint job(3pts)

    FAST ATTACK:Warbike squad X5(150)

    HEAVY SUPPORTrk dread'(70pts), w/two rokkit launchas(10pts)

    HEAVY SUPPORT:Killer kans X3(135), w/big shootas all around(free)

    HEAVY SUPPORT:Looted basalisk(100pts), w/inderect fire(25pts)

    Exactly 2096 points

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    In general, pretty solid list. I like the body count (182) that's awesome, that is more than I have at 2500. One question, where are the powerclaws. You can have around 2200 just by adding pks.

    H.Q.- Your warboss is ok but change the slugga to a pk, then he can choose if he wants 5/6 S5 I4/8 attacks against gaunts, or 5/6 S10 attacks against a vindicator or monolith.

    Elites- Just give your stormboy nob a pk and they will be perfect.
    same thing for the 'ard boyz, but also give them 3 rokkits to give them some more threat.

    Troops- You can easily make them 6 choices by making the 2 30 man slugga boy squadz into 3 20 man squads. Also never mix and match heavy weapons in units, give them 3 rokkits and a nob with a pk just for those pesky nids to make the sluggaz nice tank busters and cc specialists. The tankbustas are great, and all the grot squad needs is a rokkit and squigghound on the slaver, I am always amazed at how the slaver always seems to hit.

    Fast Attack- Perfect, just give the nob off the trukkboyz a pk. If you face a lot of scouts and stealers you might want to add 3 wartrukks with skorchas.

    Heavy support- Just give the kans and dreads armour plates, they are life savers.

    Good luck and remember orkses never lose.

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