Okay, here is my first serious army list posted to the forum! You will be able to tell immediately that it borrows heavily from my previous musings about giving up speed for numbers, with over a third of the points sunk into late game hitters.

The objective is to capture the same sense of hopeless outnumbering without resorting to the full level of cheese exhibited previously. I have diversified a bit to give it a little color but there is still heavy redundancy in the list. My next one will probably feature the same set of TMCs but a lot more variation elsewhere.

Anyway. If I could get opinions on (1) whether it will be effective and (2) whether it is objectionable in any way I would appreciate it.


Also I am having a dilema with the warriors. If I put leaping on them then they quickly reach the point range where it makes sense to switch to stealers. What do people normally do with their warriors?


Please don't post or link to stats of models. We do not tolerate breaking GW copywrite rules in any fashion. Thanks.

I'm closing this thread. Please feel free to repost an appropriate army list that doesn't violate our rules found HERE. Also, check at the sticky for instructions on how to appropriately name your army list threads.