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    my 1510 point ulthwe


    #1 seer w/ fourtine cc & sp
    #2 seer w/ mindwar cc & sp
    #1 lock w/ augment cc & sp
    #2 lock w/ enhance cc & sp
    #3 lock w/ embolden cc & sp

    10 scorpions W/ grenades
    exarch w/ biteing blade and mighty blow
    wave serpent w/ spirit stone and starcannon

    5 guardian defenders w/ scannon
    black guard
    5 guardian defenders w/ scannon
    black guard
    5 guardian defenders w/ scannon
    black guard
    5 guardian defenders w/ scannon
    black guard

    wraithlord w/ scannon

    fire prism w/ crystal tergeting matrix, holo feild, spirit stone

    5 dark reapers
    exarch w/missle launcher and fast shot

    "and now less then five years later you can still climbe to the top a a steep hill in las vegas and looking west with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high water mark where the wave finnaly broke and rolled back"

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    Please put more effort into writing your army lists, you should make them easier to read in order to encourage people to read them and give their reviews. I'll help you anyway...

    The Seer Council is fine, keep the Avatar with them.

    I don't recommend you to put Scorpions in a Wave Serpent, because you have to stand close to the enemy a turn before you can disembark and charge. This makes it very easy to either move away from the Serpent and keep out of charge range, or simply move in and block the Serpent's only access point. This unit should be a flexible defence unit, and I'd recommend you to exchange it for 10 Warp Spiders or maybe an Exarch delivery system Swooping Hawks squad. Both can react very quickly to approaching enemies.

    You can only have 2 Black Guardian squads in Standard missions, the rest of them are normal Guardians with BS3. You should give Bright lances to the Black Guardian squads.

    The Wraithlord should have a Bright lance as well, make use of his BS4!

    That Fire prism is an eyesore, get rid of it at once! In it's place, get this Falcon:
    Falcon grav tank 190 pts
    Star cannon, Holo-field, Spirit stones.

    And then you can lower the points limit to 1500, why did you bother with 1510 pts?
    Warhammer Fantasy: Warriors of Chaos, High Elves
    Warhammer 40k: Eldar, Space Marines, Orks

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