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    1000 pts (working towards)

    Ok, following on from my "No Guns Nids" thread i've spawned this nightmare:

    5 Warriors: Rending Claws, Scything Talons, Toxin Sacks, Adrenal Glands (both), Extended Carapace, Leaper
    215 pts

    8 Genestealers: Rending Claws, Scything Talons, Extended Carapace
    192 pts

    8 Genestealers: Rending Claws, Extended Carapace
    160 pts

    8 Genestealers: Rending Claws, Extended Carapace
    160 pts

    1 Zoanthrope: Warp Field, Warp Blast
    55 pts

    1 Zoanthrope: Warp Field, Warp Blast
    55 pts

    837 pts so far. Leaves me with 163 pts to play with.

    Now the first things that spring to my mind are:

    Give my Warriors Wings and take Hormagunts with the left over points.

    Add a cheapish Carnifex or a Hive Tyrant.

    Add more Stealers (with Carapace).

    Take a bucket load of Spine Gaunts.

    Take another Warrior and have two groups of 3.

    Add a shooty Carnifex.

    Add Scuttlers to my Genestealers.

    Drop the Zoanthropes and definately get a Carnifex or Hive Tyrant.

    This is probably a pretty poor army but it should be able to weather 2 turns of shooting before getting stuck in. The Zoanthropes are my anti vehiclular compromise. If i added a shooty Carnifex or two i could drop them actually.

    I really like the idea of not needing Synapse at all. Although i fully understand the power of a Synapsed Nid horde.

    Anyway, as this is my first list, i'm expecting quite a few criticisms, so don't hold back people. Help me make this army worthy of the Hive Minds attention. :yes:


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    280 (x6)

    If I was to make a 1000 pt list with yours as a base, here's what I'd do:

    - Drop toxin sacs and AG-WS
    - Remove 1 from the unit
    152 points

    - Remove scything talons from the one squad (a specialist squad like this will be the first to get shot)
    - Add a fourth unit of 8 stealers
    160x4 points

    - Drop one of them
    - Add catalyst to the other (frag grenades for all the stealers)
    60 points

    - Carnifex with Enhanced Senses and a Venom Cannon + Barbed Strangler for just a bit extra AV. I'd like to get extended carapace on him to make him much stronger against missiles, but it would require dropping something else to get it.
    148 points

    Totals up to 1000 on the nose. A CC-oriented army with hopefully just enough shooting for the speeders and other fast vehicles you'll encounter.

    Good luck!

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