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    My 1000 point alternitive List

    well, i wanted to try something different this time so i created the following list:

    1 necron lord
    - res. orb
    - destroyer body
    - phase shifter

    2x10 warriors

    3 tomb spyders

    3 wraiths

    2x6 scarabs

    that makes a total of 992 points

    the idea is counter attack, so you wait for the enemy to arive, i don't know if it will work, but, you can always try

    any comments at al will be great

    A word of warning. The next time you get a strange unexplained reading on your Flagship's scanner and sensor arrays, don't dismiss it as a glitch or ghost. The Necrons are a real threat now, and they are out there, biding their time, waiting for you!

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    3 Tomb Spiders is kin of a lot for 1000 points. Maybe drop one of them for more warriors. Also I suggest taking only one unit of 10 scarabs and have your lord lead them, always a nasty unit.

    Lastly and most important....

    Your lord.

    Destroyer bodies are nice, they add toughness and mobility. But, I find that Res Orbs are used best for normal troops. So if you keep your lord near them, you are wasting the mobility of the destroyer body. Likewise, if you use the destroyer body you'll lose out on the Res Orb for the warriors.

    I like the counter attack idea. You have enough troops including the tomb spiders, to soak up a lot of damage. Then you have the fast models to swoop in around turn 3 or 4.

    So in all actuality, you could use the Res Orb on your warriors for the first few turns, then use his upgraded speed to run your lord in fast and use the Res Orb for the troops in combat!!!


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