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    [750] Necrons for friendly games..

    I was thinking of fielding:

    Necron Lord w. Rez orb ( 140 )

    10 Warriors ( 180 )
    10 Warriors ( 180 )

    5 Immortals ( 140 )

    #Fast Attack
    4 scarab swarms ( 48 )
    4 scarab swarms ( 60 )

    Total ( 748 )
    Total necrons 26
    Phaseout @ 6

    I'll mainly be facing Tau, Orks and SM (salamanders, whitescars). Maybe tyranids.
    Tau will be having at least 1 Railhead. On top of that there will be 3-4 jumpy suits with rockets and plasma and a load of firewarriors. Plus those nasty drones..
    I figured my 2 squads of scarabs will draw a lot of fire charging towards suits and/or FWs.
    That will buy some time for my warriors and immortals to march up the board.

    The Orks could be fielding anything.. I once faced a hoard of 2x30(!) gretchins. Once in CC, their slaver w. powerclaw ate my warriors.. Nasty. The scarabs will act as I a speedbump. Hopefully I can decimate their numbers enough to deal with them in CC..

    Whitescars will field a lot of bikers, and I'm not sure how to deal with this.. They be fast, and wields powerweapons/fists.. scarabs get to be speedbumps again.

    Salamanders will most likely have a landraider and lots of meltas.. The meltas I fear,
    the landraider I do not Anyway, pretty straight forward. Tie up any devestators with the scarabs until I'm ready to deal with them.

    Always keep the rez orb close to the warriors. Now, comments/oppinions?

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    How about using some destroyers? A heavy maybe? The problem is a 750 game is such a small about for us that its hard to decide what to use. I think more warriors would be useful, take out the immortals if you can, the more warriors the better for a game this sixe as phase out will be a very easy target for your enemies to reach.
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