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    500 pts - Force Vior'la

    This is my 500 Pt army, mainly because I hate playing large games because my ADD kicks in when turns take too long. But without further Ado... or Adoo... or Adu... or however you spell that stupid word.

    HQ: Shas 'El Commander- TL Plasma Rifle, Missle Pod, Multi Tracker (HW) =98

    Elite: XV8 Shas 'Ui- Plasma Rifle, Missle Pod, Multi Tracker =65
    Elite: XV8 Shas 'Ui- Plasma Rifle, Missle Pod, Multi Tracker =65

    Troop: 12 Fire Warriors, mounted in Devilfish (80) =150
    Troop: 10 Kroot =70 [[infiltrate]]

    TOTAL =498

    Please comment on it and tell me what I need, I know I dont have any real heavy hitting things but you don't usually see many big tanks like land raiders in 500 pt battles anyways.
    Well... any help is much appreciated, thanks.

    +++++++++++++++++LET THE IMPERIUM BURN++++++++++++++++++

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    As evidenced by the "Who the frag brings a Hammerhead to a 500 point fight?" quote running around these boards, it is possible to get a strong light or medium tank into a very small game.

    Usually it won't be any problem your Missile Pods can't solve, but they might have to resort to side- or rear-armor shots to do it.

    If you're worried about that, consider swapping one of your Plasma Rifles for a Fusion Gun.

    Overall, the list looks good, though my experience in small games (admittedly limited, most games at my FLGS hover between 1500 and 2K) has taught me that Kroot aren't as effective as I'd like them to be at anything under 1000 points.

    The Devilfish is a nice touch, but it's also a big point sink in such a small game, and the mobility isn't anything that your three Crisis Suits can't handle anyway. You might consider dropping it and the Kroot to build a second Fire Warrior team or field a squadron of Gun Drones, which perform exceptionally well thanks to their good accuracy and ability to pin down enemy units.

    Your other options are dropping the tank and bulking out the Kroot, or dropping the Kroot for another small Fire Warrior unit. In this case, armor and range will be worth more than Fieldcraft.

    Oh, and you might drop the Twin-linking on your 'el's Plasma Rifle. Unless you find yourself missing far too often, it's probably points better spent on other upgrades (like a Shield Generator).

    Most of the changes I would make to the list (drop the 'Fish, the Kroot, and the TL Plasma, add a second FW team and a Shield to the 'El) are personal preference-type stuff, and the list is still fairly strong and definitely viable as you have it.

    Beyond that, all I can say is:

    Good luck, Commander, and remember that any action for the Greater Good is a righteous action. Tau'va!


    Oh, and you got it right the first try, "ado" is the proper spelling.
    www.dictionary.com <--indispensable
    www.spellcheck.net <--learn it, live it, love it (I do)

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    Marker lights... (I must be going mad) :w00t: I have like the marker light idea, as I have asked some of the Tau players in my club to try them as an experement. Well that 2+ to hit kills well
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