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Thread: 1000 point DE

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    Son of LO
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    1000 point DE

    Hey everybody. I'm wondering what to put in a 1K point Dark Eldar list. I know that I want it to be uber quick, as in, no model moving less than 12" (with a transport of course, lol). I figure I should take some Wyches, maybe some Reaver Jetbikes and a lot of Raiders with Warriors/Wyches inside. I figure a single Ravager would be cool too.

    Any suggestions would be awesome! Thanks.:yes:

    Here's an example list I'm thinking of using. By the way, this is a tournament list, so it needs to be solid.


    Dracon; Punisher, Combat Drugs, Tormentor Helm, Shadow Field = 110


    10 Warriors, 8 with Splinter Rifles, 2 with Dark Lances

    8 Warriors, 6 with Splinter Rifles, 1 with Blaster, 1 with Splinter Cannon. Raider with Dark Lance = 134

    8 Warriors, 5 with Splinter Rifles, 1 with Blaster, 1 with Splinter Cannon, Sybarite with Agonizer and Splinter Pistol. Raider with Dark Lance. = 160


    10 Wyches, 9 with Splinter Pistol and Close Combat Weapon, 1 Succubus with Agonizer and Splinter Pistol, all have Wych Weapons. Raider with Dark Lance

    10 Mandrakes = 150

    Heavy Support

    Ravager with 3 Disintegrators = 120

    Total: 996

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    fairly solid list you´ve got there.

    the only thing i dont really like would be the big unit of mandrakes, 2 units of 5 would be alot more annoying for your opponent.

    i guess the dracon goes with the weakest of the warriors units, right?
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    Archite of Caerbannog KwiKwag's Avatar
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    I like that list, very nice!

    I take it that the Dracon will be riding with the Raider Squad of 8? To bad you can't find more points for another soldier.

    If you're not going to split the mandrakes, I would reduce them by one and give the points for another raider warrior.

    or switch the punisher and t-helm to an agonizer and splinter pistol and that would save you 4 points and combined with the 4 you got left gives you 8 points for that extra raider warrior or even putting a sybarite instead.

    Just some thoughts, minor thoughts.

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