[1000] Devourers of Luther MacIntyre XI - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [1000] Devourers of Luther MacIntyre XI

    I picked up a Carnifex box, just for the hell of it, and built me a Fex to make into a showpiece; but then I thought if I was doing a showpiece, I might as well have an army to go with it. So the Devourers of Luther MacIntyre XI were born.
    Luther MacIntyre XI is a desert world close to the worlds attacked by Hive Fleet Leviathon, and is the home to quite a few rather nasty creatures of it's own. (Yarrick served with troops from their early in his career)
    Musif the Fex has been designed to be able to tear his way through troops and tanks alike, but isn't a dedicated CC or gunfex (I know, it's sacrilige). The theme to the army, is pretty obvious, every Nid able to have one, has at least one Devourer, making them a pretty shooty swarm, but they are also well (?) protected since they all have (those able to) extended carapace also.

    Devourers of Luther MacIntyre XI

    1 Hive Tyrant @ 146 Pts
    Adrenal Glands +1 WS; Enhanced Senses +1 BS; Extended Carapace +1 Save; Toxin Sacs +1 St; Scything Talons (x1); Twin-linked Devourer (x1); Synapse Creature; The Horror

    3 Warriors @ 108 Pts
    Adrenal Glands +1 WS; Extended Carapace +1 Save; Leaping; Scything Talons (x1); Devourer; Synapse Creature

    16 Gaunt Brood @ 128 Pts
    Extended Carapace +1 Save; Devourer

    16 Gaunt Brood @ 128 Pts
    Extended Carapace +1 Save; Devourer

    8 Genestealers @ 192 Pts
    Extended Carapace +1 Save; Rending Claws; Scything Talons

    2 Ravener @ 96 Pts
    Scything Talons (x2); Devourer

    1 Carnifex - Musif @ 203 Pts
    Adrenal Glands +1 In; Adrenal Glands +1 WS; Enhanced Senses +1 BS; Extended Carapace +1 Save; Reinforced Chitin; Spine Banks; Tail Weapon - Scythe; Tusked; Crushing Claws; Twin-linked Devourer (x1)

    Models in Army: 47

    Total Army Cost: 1001

    And here is Musif, the inspriration for the list.

    I've used the thornback shell to represent both the spinebanks (since they are fleshhooks+) and the extended carapace and reinforced chitin. the only thing I haven't figured out how to represent is the Enhanced senses. Oh, and he's got a second lot of adrenal glands under his neck filling in the gap since he's standing more upright than normal.

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    You might want to replace extended crapace on your gaunts for toxin sacs.
    As for the model, I cut the tusks off the head and put them on either sides of the chin and it looks pretty nice.
    I have seen the Death Company: wild-eyed berserkers, who tear their enemys limb from limb, crush skulls with a single blow, snap spines and rip out organs. The Blood Angels are indeed ancient and terrible and only the foolish do not fear them.

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