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    1000 pts 2 tourney lists.

    I'm pretty decent in larger point games, but at 1000 pts, I rarely win, I just cant seem to pull off a swarmy list that still packs enough punch.

    I'm entering a league in January and I've spent some time to come up with these 2 lists. One of the players entering is Death Gaurd (Nurgle), and I haven't been able to beat him at 1000 pts yet. These lists were built as rounded lists, but still keeping his high toughness and heavy plasma usage into consideration as he's my biggest threat.

    Ideally, I want to keep around 50% of my points spent in troops, for my composition score and because the same idea hasn't failed me in larger battles.

    Here's the 2 lists.. all criticism is welcome.

    HQ - 166 pts
    Hive Tyrant - 166 pts
    -enhanced senses
    -2x twin linked devourers
    -1x tyrant gaurd
    ELITE - 129 pts
    Warrior Brood [3] - 129 pts
    -adrenal glands (+I, +WS)
    -extended carapace
    -3x scything talons
    -3x rending claws
    TROOPS - 540 pts
    Hormagaunt Brood [9]x2 - 180 pts

    Gaunt Brood [10]x2 - 120 pts

    Genestealer Brood[6]x2 - 240 pts
    -extended carapace
    HEAVY SUPPORT - 165 pts
    Zoanthropes [3] - 165 pts
    -warp blast
    PTS: 1000
    MODELS: 58

    HQ - 190 pts
    Broodlord - 90 pts
    -extended carapace
    -toxin sacs

    Genstealer Retinue [5] - 100 pts
    -extended carapace
    ELITES - 154 pts
    Warrior Brood [4] - 154 pts
    -enhanced senses
    -extended carapace
    -toxin sacs
    -4x scything talons
    -3x deathspitters
    -1x venom cannon
    TROOPS - 464 pts
    Gaunt Brood [8]x3 - 144 pts

    Hormagaunt Brood [8] - 80 pts

    Genestealer Brood [6]x2 - 240 pts
    -extended carapace
    HEAVY SUPPORT - 191 pts
    Carnifex - 191 pts
    -bio plasma, bonded exoskeleton, reinforced chitin, enhanced senses, barbed strangler, venom cannon
    PTS: 999
    MODELS: 55
    WOUNDS: 65

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