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    [1000] Necrons - Friendly

    Alright, if I ever start Necrons then I want it to be somewhat different from all of the usual 1000pt lists out there. The impression I get is that most people take two units of Necron Warriors, a Lord, and a unit of Destroyers, so I wanted to do things a little differently...

    Necron Lord - Warscythe, Resurrection Orb - 150 points

    5 Pariahs - 180 points

    13 Necron Warriors - 234 points
    12 Necron Warriors - 216 points
    12 Necron Warriors - 216 points

    That makes 43 models and my opponent will have to chop through 32 of my Warriors before Phase Out. I like Pariahs, their concept is cool, though I don't know how well they'll perform on the table. I'll put them with the Lord and have them go on a Close Combat killing spree, I suppose. The Warriors were divided into smaller groups to increase frontage. If the wise Lords of LO could share their experience with Pariahs, I would be most appreciative.

    From the not-so-wise Lords, questions, comments, and criticism are appreciated as usual.

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    Good list!

    You have plenty of warriors so numbers aren't a problem, The lord is going to be a bit of a waste of points if he goes with the pariahs to assault, he would be better placed with the warriors to get the full effects of the orb.

    Using the pariahs will be key as they can be enormously effective or a waste of points but they are worth including just because they are cool!

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