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    Speed Freaks ! 2000pts

    I don't have an army list ready yet , first of all I want to know what i should put in such a list against Speed Freaks(Orks).

    I thought of a winged hive tyrant with warp field and scy talons + rending claws.
    some shooty warriors with venom cannon and barbed strangler
    but i don't know what kind of troops I should insert because Orks finish me in CC ... dunno why...
    because it's an speed freak army list I thought about some fexes with barbed and/or venom cannon ...


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    For the tyrant i'd recomed one winged, with 2 tl devourers. These would devastate any orks, as well as provifing some good ant-light armour. He can also handle himslef in cc reasonabley well.

    Yeah, warriors gve them long ranges weapons and probably deathspitters cause i doubt that he'd be a fan of templates.

    Troops i'm not really sure. Numbers are always a fair bet, as long as you back them up with synapse. I'm not too familiar with speedfreaks, but i guessing they're not as swarmy as orks can be, so i'd suggest numbers and swamp them, as well as arming them for some ranged attacks, probably flesh borers as they can glance armour 10.

    For the fex i'd defenitely go two fexes with both a vc and bs and maybe another with 2 tl devourers.

    Anyway i hope it's helped. Happy hunting.

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