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    [1500]Considerations Necrons vs Tau

    Ok christmas just went by and my friend and I just recieved some new 40K stuff and we are goin to battle in two days. I think I can take him but I'd like to hear it from u all. The point value has raised to 1500pts and he will be using all he's got and not so much me.

    My list

    Lord with Destroyer Body, Res. Orb, Phylactery and Gaze of Flame:shifty: 200pts

    10 Warriors 180pts

    10 Warriors 180pts

    10 Warriors 180pts

    5 Destroyers 250pts

    10 Immortals 280pts

    1 Monolith:shifty:

    His List..Kinda

    1 Etherial

    1 Etherial with Blade thingy

    24-28 Firewarriors with drones

    4 Stealth suits

    4 Stealth suits

    3 Crisis suits probably with plasma attachments(TL)

    3 Crisis suits with Fusion Blasters

    1 Broadside Battle Suit

    1 DevilFish with pathfinders

    1 Hammer Head with Rail Gun attachment

    He might also have some other things but not much if he does, at least nothing strong, most likely firewarriors. Also he has a big thing for deep-striking his crisis and stealth suits..grrr(

    I also have a tomb spider, a wraith, C'tan Nightbringer, 5 pariahs, and about 8 scarab swarms also in army reserve(carrying box:sleep: ) for other use. Do u guys think im safe? Any suggestions? I was thinking of using the monolith to deep-strike near his broadside and Hammer Head along with some warriors and try to disable anything I can ang get some shots off at everything. Thanks for any advice:yes:

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    You should dfinately include a tomb spyder, they are brilliant!

    Use 5 scarab bases as diposeable troops (keep the other 3 for the spyder to create its own meat shield), pariahs would be worth using but I wouldn't Tau will kill them for easy VP (and that they really hurt phase out).

    I would advise against the c'tan as they will never see combat against tau and are too much of a points drain.

    Give the lord a warscythe, switch the GoF for a lightning field and join him to the scarab unit- he now has a bullet shield! and use him to hunt down crisis suits and stealth suits if you get the chance the hammerhead.

    Deepstiking the monolith is a great idea- as long as the hammerhead is dead first otherwise the monlith will die. Get one warrior unit to us its special reserves rule to come out of the 'lith right in the middle of the tau battle line.

    Targets should be:-
    1. hammerhead
    2. crisis suits
    3. stealth suits
    5. firewarriors
    6. anything else

    This is my advice, I hope it helps.

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