[1000] Necrons - Tournament - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [1000] Necrons - Tournament

    Alright, GW. It looks like you've finally done it. I've succumbed to peer pressure and gone out and bought a Monolith. I hate you. I hate you so much :tongue:

    I'm not changing anything in this list due to financial constraints. However, I am posting it up so that you guys can see what I'm going with and tell me what kind of tactics I should use, what opponents I need to watch out for, etc.

    Well, without further ado...

    Necron Lord - Resurrection Orb - 140 points

    10 Necron Warriors - 180 points

    10 Necron Warriors - 180 points

    10 Necron Warriors - 180 points

    Fast Attack
    5 Scarab Swarms - Disruption Fields - 80 points

    Heavy Support
    Monolith - 235 points

    "A Monolith for every man, woman, and child", they said... Sheesh...

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    Not bad

    K this is what I personally think. Thirty warriors is always a first priority in my army..as thats all i got ... and the orb is also a big thing. Unless your fighting a CC based army try to keep your units in a triangular formation and put your lord in the center to max the amount of models the orb can affect. Another big thing I do is deep-strike the monolith. Personally I find it to be a big, slow, wall that is just waiting to get blown away by a railgun or lascannon or get totally avoided. By deep-striking you can either land on...meaning they have to make room... or near as many units as you can so those Flux Arc Projectors and be used to their full potential and either the Particle Whip or the Tele Portal may be used. The same thing goes for the scarabs. Deep-strike them near or behind cover and then spring out and take the rear or side armor of an unexpecting tank..muahahhaha.

    Hope I got you thinking

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