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    1750 Biel Tan Tournament list

    This is going to be for a large tournament in Feb. so I would have lots of time to modify my choices. So far this army has been about 75% wins with a couple losses to a very good Space Marine army but handles Tau, IG, and Eldar (Rangers, Vanilla) well.

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

    HQ - (204)

    1x Farseer - Witchblade (W, Pistol, Fortune
    2x Warlocks - WB, pistol, Destructor
    1x Warlock - Singing Spear, Enhance


    8x Warp Spiders - 176

    10x Striking Scorpions, Exarch w/ Claw and Stealth - 207

    7x Fire Dragons, Exarch w/ Firepike in Wave Serpent w/ Starcannons, Shuriken Cannon and Spirit Stone - 303


    1x Vyper w/ Starcannon - 65
    1x Vyper w/ Starcannon - 65
    1x Vyper w/ Bright Lance - 65

    Fast Attack:

    8x Swooping Hawks, Exarch w/ Web of Skulls, Sustained Assault - 220

    Heavy Support:

    1x Falcon w/ Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Spirit Stone, Holo-Field - 200

    1x Wraithlord w/ Starcannon - 120

    1x Wraithlord w/ Bright Lance - 120

    Total: 1748


    I know that everyone says that 2 Wraithlords is cheesy, but I like to have them more as fire magnets to protect the other troops. Anyway, Falcon, Fire Dragons, Vypers hunt down big stuff and other Speeders. Scorps get into CC asap, Hawks drop in 2nd or 3rd turn, Warp Spiders warp around and be cool. Farseer squad usually flies in the Falcon, although I have started them out of it on boards that allow it. Thanks for looking and for your comments!

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    Yeah, 2 wraithlords is pretty cheesy unless you're Iyanden, but the only people who'll give you static are those who have trouble dealing with them.

    First off, drop the hawks to 4 + the exarch. Hawks right now are only really usefull as an exarch delivery system, so take the bare minimum. Second, stick with lances for the WLs and starcannons for those BS3 vypers...much better chances on both sides.
    Third, lose the firepike if the dragons are in a transport...the extra 6" and +2 str really won't make much difference if you drop them out close enough to the target. Furthermore, you probably don't need the shuri-cannon on the serpent or the falcon as you can't fire it and the starcannons if you move 12" (which you will want to). Also, by the numbers, a scatterlaser will only get .5 more shots per turn than a starcannon, so unless you're up gainst a sizable horde army I'd suggest dropping the scatterlaser and shuriken cannons, swapping the linked starcannons on the serpent for a pair of lances and giving the falcon a starcannon. That way you've got 3 brightlances that are hitting more than 50% of the time, and still tons of MEQ mulching power. Maybe drop a vyper and throw the extra points into a squad of reapers, or even just lose the hawks and go for a second squad of scorps. As-is, this'd do reasonably well against Nids and IG, bu it'd have a tough time with most other armies.

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