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    1500 genestealer list


    Broodlord - extended carapace/toxin sacs
    w/ 8 genestealers extended carapace


    3 Tyranid Warriors - 2 Deathspitters/1 Venom Cannon w/extended carapace scything talons

    3 Tyranid Warriors - 2 Deathspitters/1 Venom Cannon w/extended carapace scything talons

    3 Lictors


    8 Genestealers - extended carapace

    8 genestealers - extended carapace


    3 Zoanthropes

    3 Biovores ( 18 poison spore mines )

    The story - I've had a nicely painted Nid army sitting on my shelf for quite awhile. I got a Broodlord in trade and decided to try and put together a list again with the models I still had sitting around. I went with the Broodlord/Gernestealer theme as I really like the model and rules and genestealers are ferocious.
    I've backed them up with some of the units I've always had trouble with - Biovores and Zoanthropes which tend to wreck my CSM and SM forces. I've kept the warriors basic shooty and will rely on the genestealers and lictors and hq to do most of the damage in H2H but I did add STs to the warriors ...
    I'm hoping some good shooty support and lots of infiltration will be distraction enpough to get my stealers into battle quickly. I known its not a standard list - no tyrant, fexes or gaunts but I think it could be somewhat competitive. Am I totally off target here? I haven'y looked at Nids for yhears and only just reviewed the new codex.

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    Your list

    The list in itself looks good but only your broodlord will "technically" infiltrate.

    Your lictors will really be considered a deep strike unit but greatly effective.

    Maybe you could also find something to drop to give your Warriors leaping, but that is just a thought.

    My army doesn't employ a lot of warriors but they do have leaping and are usually ignored as most people target your stealers and then my gun fex.

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