since the numver increase of dark eldar player at my store... 5 i decided to use tau against them. these noobie De players use warriors, blasters, and reavers and sometimes incubi with lord.

their playing stile is to sit back and shoot while lord and incubi and reavers come down to assualt.

heres my list.

6 Fire Warriors 60pts \
6 Fire Warriors 60pts ---- i can slpit into 2 squads of 9
6 Fire Warriors 60pts /

4 stealth suits 120pts

6 Pathfinders w/ shas'ui with target lock.
Devil Fish w\ multi tracker and 2 seeker missiles 199pts

total 499

this is basicly a 500 point game with combat patrol rules.

my plan is to maker light the warriors in cover and use warriros to hurt them, and the 'Ui to target out vehicles and seeker missile them. stealths just shoot and move back and kill of the raiders. i have lack of ap weapons but the only thing that have 3+ save are possibley 4-5 incubi.

check that out 499 post and 499 points