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Thread: 600pt Wych Cult

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    600pt Wych Cult

    Hey all,
    I'm back and have learnt how to use wyches...to a degree. A friend and I are teaming up for the Conflict doubles tournament(600pts each). I decided on a wych cult and he's chosen a kroot mercenary army. I believe he's going sniper heavy and have chosen a list for combat, mainly so he can pick out characters outside of units. However I don't believe I have enough units to do so effectively, please help:

    Wych Drachite w/Splinter Pistol, Agoniser, Combat Drugs and Plasma Grenades 93

    9 Wyches with wych weapons. The squad includes a Succubus w/Agoniser 145

    Raider w/Slave Snares 70

    10 Wyches with wych weapons. The squad includes a succubus w/Agoniser 158

    Raider 55

    5 Warp Beasts and Beastmaster 75


    Any opinions are welcome, please help me.

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    Ok Libby, im going to give you some sagely advice .

    Drop the Slave Snares on the 2nd raider immeditaly. Your playing with flying cardboard boxes. By giving them a 15 point upgrade, you enabling your enemy to claim more vps by shooting up your flying cardboard box.
    Thats not good. Your quite limited with what you can take, which is a royal pain in the ass. So, with those 15 points you gain back, there are a few things you can do.

    Give each Raider a horrerfex. This can stop your card board box from being instantly immobilsed via a weapon destroyed result. which is cool. And, at 5 points, the ability of a terrorfex, on the on chance your raiders survive, you can pin enemy units. You have no idea how usefull this will be for you.

    The slave snares are really pointless. There going to be shot down anyway no?
    On to tactics. Deploy out of LOS no matter the cost. Constantly dart between terrain features. Good. Now, a wyche squad of 10 in this point limit will do a signifgant amount of damage. which is always good. What you'll need to watch out for is counter fire. A canny player ( i doubt you'll find one though. Conflict aus is for n3wbs) will throw a sacrificial squad at the Wyches to 'destroy'. THen heavy counter fire will rip them to shreds. You Drachite will be ripped apart in cc. its the thing i'd put all available attacks on. Remember, its an IC, so your opponent can place Attacks on it. It needs a shadow field. really. Consider dropping 2 wyches from each squad. this gets you back 52 points. thats seriously good. and in 600 points 8 wyches are still hella good.

    What to spend the remaining points on? You definetly need a shadowfield. Dont worry if your
    opponents are comp onions, you need the shadow field. believe it or not, a 5 plus armour save is ****ty . if your opponent complains, remind them about the negative side.

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