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    bad moons(2000 at least)

    if you ever had a problem with getting the mega armoured nobz into combat the landraider is the way to go.
    thanks to the space marines, units inside a landraider can assault the turn they come out.
    thanks to the ork codex, you can fit 10 mega armoured inside a landraider
    this can make the bad moons, considered a shooting army, into a combat beast.
    warboss, mega armour,

    nobz, megaarmour,


    some flash gits

    some cans

    trukks or battlewaggons with skarboys or something...

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    Do you have a list you use for Badmoon's as an example. only reason i'm asking is your in the army list section, and i've considering using Mega Armor nobz, i just see them as a points sink
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