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    Necrons -1500- Help Plz

    I was going for a 1500 pt army but am not sure to what to buy.
    Heres what i got so far

    1x Necron Lord 195 pts
    + Warscythe
    + Res Orb
    + Phylactery
    + Destroyer Body(To stop 1 hit kills)

    6x Pariahs 216 pts (Lords Rutine) (Havent Bought Yet)
    8x Immortals 224 pts

    10x Warriors 180 pts
    10x Warriors 180 pts

    Fast Attack
    3 Destroyers 150 pts
    3 Wraiths 123 pts (Havent Bought Yet)

    Heavy Support
    3x Hev. Destroyers 195 pts (Havent Bought Yet)
    1x Monilith 235 pts (Havent bought Yet)

    Phase Out- 11
    Todal Points-1498 Todal Cost- 470$

    Should i buy the units i havent bought yet??????

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    I would advise against the Pariahs until you have been playing Necrons for awhile (unless you have been playing for awhile, then it's entirely your call). Essentially, I would use them as rearguards for my Warrior phalanx - any unit that gets into CC will have to deal with my Pariahs on the charge while my Warriors escape unharmed...Mwa ha ha ha ha!

    Take the Phylactery off the Lord unless you have points to spare. Wraiths are murderous in Close Combat but you have to be able to use them correctly. If you do take them, then send them after units that are isolated from the main army or after Heavy Weapon squads. See if you can get to them in one turn with their Jetbike movement (a potential 30" charge is pretty nasty) and then tie them up or kill them if you can manage it. Heavy Destroyers are excellent, especially against tougher units with higher Armour Saves like Carnifexes. You will be able to use them well.

    As for the Destroyers, you're going to have to make a choice. Many people will tell you that a Lord with a Resurrection Orb is compulsory in a Necron army and to be honest, I am inclined to agree. What you should do in that case is have the Lord with a Warscythe stay behind the main army in order for them to benefit from his Orb and if any of your Necron units get charged, move them to safety with the Monolith and blast the enemy, then reap the remains with your Destroyer Lord (who should be fast enough to chase down any that run away). If you're going to have a Necron Lord with a bunch of Destroyers, then he's probably going to be all over the Battlefield and, thus, he doesn't really need a Resurrection Orb. Then you could have two units of 2 Wraiths or something like that. Their heavy weapons don't stand a chance

    In case you didn't get it already, the Monolith should be bought :tongue:

    Seriously, a Monolith has great synergy with the rest of the Necron army. True, many people consider it unfairly powerful/hard to kill but I've had it destroyed on more than one occasion and there are many players who know how to get around it or avoid it anyway. Remember that it is a skimmer when teleporting your Necrons.

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