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    Still A New Necron Player 1500 Pt List

    Since I posted my 1000 Pt lists for critique I figured I would also post my 1500 Pt list. I have all the models needed for the 1500 Pt list except for 1 tomb spyder. I would like to do the "flying circus" but dont have any immortal models and probably wont for a while ($10 each is steep considering I will need 8-10). The lord on foot will join the 16 man warrior squad. The DLord will join the scarabs and hunt mass infantry/characters. The destroyers will hunt vehicles/infantry. Both spyders and all 3 groups of warriors including 1 lord will slowly advance. Im hoping both groups of destroyers and the DLord will draw enough fire to let my warriors advance into rapid fire range. Heres the list once again any advice would be appriciated.
    1500 Points
    Necron Lord W/ Resurrection Orb - 140 Pts
    Necron Lord W/ Warscythe, Destroyer Body, Lightning Field, Phylactery – 180 Pts
    16 Necron Warriors - 288 Pts
    10 Necron Warriors - 180 Pts
    10 Necron Warriors - 180 Pts
    3 Necron Destroyers – 150 Pts
    3 Necron Destroyers – 150 Pts
    10 Scarab Swarm – 120 Pts
    2 Tomb Spyders 1 W/ Particle Projector – 110 Pts
    Total: 1498 Points
    Phase Out @ 11
    Must Kill 33

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    That is a good list, I will say one thing however, lose the largest warrior squad for a monolith, you really can't live without one. With the spare points add a few warriors to the other squads.

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