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    1.5k Suit Heavy List

    :yes: copied from excel:yes:
    Pts Tau

    91 HQ: Shash'el: TLed Msl Pod, Shield gen, 2x gun drones,

    232 Elites: Soul Cleanse Crisis config: 1x Fusion Blaster, Flamer, Shield Gen, Hw Drone Controller (2 gun drones)
    2x Fusion, Burst, Mlti, Shield
    112 2x TLed Msl Pod, Target Lock

    165 5x Stealth Suits: Leader, ML

    140 11 FWs: Bonded, Shash, ML
    140 11 FWs: Bonded, Shash, ML
    140 10 FWs: Bonded, Shash, ML, Photons
    140 10 FWs: Bonded, Shash, ML, Photons

    340 2x HH: Railgun, SMS, Mlti Trk


    Tactics: Generally have the firebase of FWs/HH sitting in my side MLing good targets and annihilating squads, while slowly advancing if its in my favour. My ENTIRE suit force is intended to deep strike or defenitely the SC configed squad with shahel and 2nd team sitting back taking out armour.

    Looking at taking a solid tau army to a future tournament, i recently got a few suits and a hammerhead from a mate so this is my first 1500 list, what do u think? Be harsh :yes: , be cruel :yes: and help me make this army EVIL. :w00t:

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    That's actualy alot better then what I was expecting from that title.

    But I would NEVER EVER use burst cannons or flamers on crissis suits. Those things are way to valuable to have those guns. When it comes to Tau, distance is your very best friend. Keep him in ample suply.
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    (special thanks to Uriel Zarium for the last line/touching it up)

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