well i may as well add my standard 1500pt list that i am aiming to get in the next 5 months so any suggestions will be appreciated

archon, agoniser, splinter pistol, combat drugs, shadow field, plasma grenades, trophy racks 138pts

dracon, punisher, tormentor helm, combat drugs, animus vitae 100pts

10 wyches, wych weapons, succubus, agoniser, 158pts
raider, dark lance 55pts

5 grotesques 75pts

15 warriors, 2 splinter cannons, sybarite, poisoned blades 151pts

15 warriors, 2 splinter cannons, sybarite, poisoned blades 151pts

10 warriors, 2 dark lances 100pts

9 warriors, 1 splinter cannon, 1 blaster, sybarite, power weapon 114pts
raider, dark lance 55pts

5 hellions, succubus, punisher, tormentor helm 131pts

4 reavers, succubus, power weapon, tormentor helm 136pts

1 ravager, 3 disintegrators 120pts

total 1486pts

my generic plan shall be to have the 2 warrior units on foot with the grotesques joined by the archon to walk up one of the flanks or the centre of the board hopping from cover to cover giving a steady hail of fire while the raiders with wyches and warriors go off to surgacly take out units tha could be a problem for my guys in the shooting phase, the reavers and hellions shall perform the same task as the raider squads but instead they shall go off and tie up units as hopefully the hellion squad and reavers should be enough to take out a marine unit per turn after the wyches and raider warriors have been dset off the raiders shall wonder around hunting after tanks as well as the sniper warriors squad

and the ravager is ther to take out or cripple units of marines with masses of shooting