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Thread: Eldar army help

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    Eldar army help

    Need some serious help the army i am collecting so far has 2 dire avenger squads 1 ranger squad 1 eldrad 1 farseer 1 wraithlord and a falcon this is ment to be a ulthwe' army and so far it has lost every match against my friends but i guess i'm not a top gamer either so some advise would be great to.

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    ok, ulthwe needs a seer council to be legal not just a farseer.
    i would suggest planning a 1000pt list first

    This is what i would suggest
    a seer counil with one farseer with fortune and another bwith mind war
    warlocks, none need witchblades in under 1500 pts
    a decent lot of black gaurdians, mainly defender with starcannon platforms
    a wraithlord with a brightlance
    maybe a falcon.. or some vypers for more firepower
    an avatar can be useful to scare opponents

    i stress the use of gaurdian squads, they give you a decent block of troops
    good luck
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    if you plan going with ulthwe then you need CC aspects like banshees vs heavy armor and scorps vs big numbers. Core units are storm guardians, I dont suggest using dire aveengers cause they are expensive and in my opinion should only be taken in biel-tan.

    Seer council is needed to make the army ulthwe, without it its illegal. In the end, if you have points to spare, consider getting a falcon for seer conuncil, enough transportation capacity and more then enough firepower

    I think you should focus on storm guardians, 2 squads of 20 should be fine. I dont see any point of heavy weapons for em since they will probably fire only one shot before entering CC.

    Banshees or scorps are well respected, pick depending on oponent. Exarchs are helpful with executioner or scorp claw. Possible waveserpent for transportation and support

    Wraithlords are good in wutever they do except avoid snipers, power weapons and TALOSES. I would consider getting a second wrathlord, few points for a good effect.

    How many rangers do you have? If 6 or more , consider breaking em up to maximize pining

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    LO Zealot Tyrael-RM's Avatar
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    You seriously have to rework your army.... 2x dire avengers was a waste for you to buy.. if you were honestly going for ulthwe. The only best way to turn to is Biel Tann, but that might not be the style you want.

    First of all who is your common enemy? This could help you in further planning.


    -Ranger Squads

    -Pick up Seer council box
    -3x Guardians Box
    -2x Heavy weapons platforms - Starcannon platforms

    -10x Striking Scorpions (durability for you first, since your still young)

    -1x warlock

    -1x Vyper (Gives you a taste of mobile shooting)

    -16x Storm guardians

    Put Wraithlord and falcon into the list.
    Last edited by Tyrael-RM; February 24th, 2006 at 02:35.

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