Hive Tyrant 178pts *
Toxin Sacs
2 x Scything Talons
Warp Field

3 Warriors 118pts
Enhanced Senses
Extended Carapace
Toxin Sacs
Scything Talons
2 x Deathspitter
1 x Venom Cannon

3 Warriors 114pts *
Adrenal Glands (I)
Extended Carapace
Rending Claws
Scything Talons

8 Genestealers 160pts *
Extended Carapace

8 Genestealers 160pts
Extended Carapace

16 Hormagaunts 160pts *

16 Hormagaunts 160pts

16 Spinegaunts 80pts *

16 Spinegaunts 80pts

Carnifex 168pts
Bonded Exoskeleton
Enhanced Senses
Barbed Strangler
Venom Cannon

Carnifex 113pts *
Enhanced Senses
2 x Twin-linked Devourers

Total 1491

This is what I'm working towards, units marked with an * are models I havent purchased yet, so if you think I should add or subtract some units, these are the ones you can play around with.
As for tactics, the Hive Tyrant is there for mobile synapse and to take out any indirect firing vehicles. The Warriors provide synapse and walk up the table with the gaunts and genestealers, the carnifexes bring up the rear shooting up vehicles and whatever else presents itself.

Regular opponents include: IG, Mech Tau, World Eaters, Vanilla Marines (shooty) and a Dark Eldar flying circus.

A few notes:
1) Yes, I have seen the math on Devil Tyrants VS Scything Tyrants but I think the Scythiing Tyrant looks cooler.
2) I'm aware that the shooty Warriors would benefit from having Rending Claws, but to keep them WYSIWYG, they have Scything Talons.
3) The Gunfex has Bonded Exoskeleton because I'm not impressed with Extended Carapace and I face a lot of AP1 and AP2 guns.