This is my 1500 point list i'm using, it's mostly for fighting MEQ's around here. I won't be putting any kroot in though, because I just can't seem to use them correctly. I might switch my broadsides for a railhead, as it seems to have trouble with swarms, notably orcs..

2X Shas 0, fusion, plasma, shield, Multitracker, drone controller, 2 shield drones.
2X Standard crisis, tl plasma, shield generator
2X 12 Firewarriors with a devilfish, with target array, decoy, multitracker
Broadside team, three broadsides with shield generators
Railhead, railgun, burst cannons multi tracker, decoy.
Ionhead, Ion cannon, burst cannons multi tracker, decoy.

Overall it works well against marines, but i'm thinking of retooling it for swarms.