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    Senior Member tiaxrulesall's Avatar
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    [3000] fun list, all units

    -my friend and i are playing a 3000 point game using the maximum number of different types of units from our codex. This is the list i created to fit that scenario. that's why there are lots of things i wouldn't normally use thrown in.

    Hive Tyrant, adrenal glands (ws), bio plasma, extended capapace, flesh hooks, implant attack, rippers, toxin sacs, toxic miasma, 2 sets of sything talons, warp blast=168
    3 tyrant guard, flesh hooks=138

    Broodlord, implant attack, adrenal glands, extended carapace, flesh hooks, toxin sacs= 109
    12 genestealers, extended carapace= 240

    Lictor= 80
    3 Warriors, leaping, extended carapace, both adrenal glands, toxin sacs, sything talons, rending claws= 129
    Carnifex, 2 twin linked devourers, enhanced senses= 113

    12 genestealers, scuttlers, extended carapace= 273
    32 hormaguants= 320pts
    32 spineguants= 160pts
    10 rippers=100pts

    Fast Attack
    5 raveners, sything talons, rending claws, devourer= 250
    3 Warriors, winged, both adrenal glands, toxin sacs, sything talons, rending claws= 138
    12 gargoyles= 144

    Heavy support
    3 biovores, bio acid mines= 165
    3 zoanthropes, warp blast, synapse= 195
    Carnifex, acid maw, bio plasma, rippers, tusked, toxic miasma, sythe tail, thornback, implant attack, flesh hooks, regenerate, +1 WS, S, T, W, I, SV, 2 sything talons= 245


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    Senior Member Carnifexus's Avatar
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    Take the rippers off the hive tyrant save urself 2 pts ;P
    its almost impossible to find a situation where they are useful...

    for that matter i would make him a shooty HT as well... at 6" move and 6" charge hes rather slow to get into CC and thats an expensive waste of points if he doesn't do anything. A TL devourer and VC will give u 6 str4 shots 18" range and 3 Str 7 shots ap4 36" range the Devourer also rerolls to hit and wound. + with the guard you have a very good CC unit still.
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    Make sure to split those hormagaunts and spinegaunts into 2 groups of 16. This will maximize their effectiviness. I also think CC fexes are a waste no matter what the point level, but to each his own I suppose. Good luck at the game.
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