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    Another 1500 Biel Tann - League

    Hey there,

    So far I'm doing very well in my league, I'm the purple nurple - the guy in first place after two battles. We have a 1500 pt and a hero deathmatch to go, so who knows, maybe I could pull it off.

    Here is the list I am thinking of going with. I believe I will face either a Tau or a IG army(3+ tanks and lots of hvy weapons squads). But I think it will be the Tau that I will face based on points.

    Here is the list:
    Farseer with mind war and guide Witchblad
    w/2 warlock bodyguard one with Spear
    Mounted in Wave Serpent with TL BL

    Striking Scorps - 6
    Exarch Power claw/stealth

    Striking Scorps - 6
    Exarch Power claw/stealth

    Warp Spiders - 5

    Warp Spiders - 5 (W/exarch)

    Dark Reapers - 3
    Exarch with EML and Fast Shot

    Vyper with starcannon and Spirit Stones

    8 man squad of guardians with BL

    Wraithlord with BL

    Falcon with Starcannon
    Spirit Stones and Holofield

    Some of my choices are based on what I have available and painted(I don't want to play unpainted models - keeps me motivated to paint!)

    Here are my other available models
    24 guardians
    1 support platform
    2 War Walkers
    5 jetbikes
    1 shreiker jetbike
    6 wraithguard

    My plan is to use the scorps to infiltrate and get into CC with firewarriors or assault tanks.
    Warp Spiders to be threatening go after devilfish's sides and rear of hammerheads and harras other squads.
    I'll start the WL and Avatar up as far as possible to and rush in (can they really be called rushing - plod, plod, plod) and try to get into CC and be fire magnets
    Farseer with the Serpent to pop out and squish the minds of crisis suits using the BL to autokill them as well.

    Also, so you know, all the heavy weapons options are magnetized so they can be swapped out for other stuff.

    Just some ideas for now.

    Any suggestions?

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