hi, i have not played tau in a long time, but after seeing the new codex, i decided to start it again.. i have very little expirence with tau armies, cause i hardly ever come up against them.. anyway, there is a league that would be starting soon, and i plan to use tau..

Shas'o - plasma rifle; missile pod; command node; HW multi tracker [122]

Etheral - honuor guard (6) [122]

Shas'vre - cyclic ion blaster; burst cannon; HW multi tracker; targeting array [73]

Shai'ui - plasma rifle; funsion gun; HW multi tracker; targeting array; gun drones (2) [92]

Fire warriors ( 8 ) - Shas'ui w/ marker light and targetlock [105]

Fire warriors ( 8 ) [80]

Fire warriors ( 8 ) [80]

Kroots (10) - Shaper; Hounds (6) [127]

Pathfinders ( 8 ) [191]
---Devilfish - sensor spine; decoy launchers

Broadside (2) - targetlock (1); multi tracker (1) [150]

Hammerhead - railgun; sms; multitracker; blacksun filter; decoy launchers [180]

Sniper team [80]

total: 1402

i have 98 pts that have not been spent, not sure what to do with it.. but i was thinking either another VX8 or some shealthsuit..

i'm not sure of any tactics for tau at the moment, so currently, this army would be very static.. i dont have much expirence with tau, so any advice would be good.. thanks..