The title of this topic makes it sound like its asking the same question as another topic a few down, but thats not the case.

After reading through some army lists and the votewar going on, it has come to my attention that either I am, or quite a few other people, are misinformed about the kroot rifle.

As stated in the Kroot Merc Codex:

"The Kroot rifle is a two-handed weapon, and therefore cannot be combined with another weapon in close combat."

This means you DO NOT get a bonus extra attack as if equiped with an extra ccw when you have a kroot rifle and power weapon. the only time the kroot rifle counts as an additional ccw is then it is being used by itself, as the weapon of choice. This means you COULD equip a shaper if a kroot rifle and power weapon, then nominate him to use the kroot rifle for attacking, and get +1 A, in the same fashon as ork warbosses with choppas and power claws choosing one for tanks and termies and such, and the other for MEQs.

I'm not saying every one was seeing this wrong, just a few people.

Hope I cleared it up for everyone who thought otherwise, or was confused.