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Thread: Kroot Tents

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    Kroot Tents

    Going with a tribal theme, i think it would be cool to have tents that can be deployed at the start of the game, functioning like a drop pod.

    I was thinking of the idea of having the enemy find out that there was a local kroot village/outpost set up close by, housing some kroot inside.

    I liked the idea of seeing the kroot set up camp on the board or something like that.

    It would function as light cover or have a special ability for having kroot closeby it.

    its would be a cluster of 1 - 3 tents that is infiltrated on the first turn even if the scenario doesnt allow.

    It wouldn't seem so warhammer-like though so i dont know how well this idea would work in the real game.

    Warhammer is expensive.

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    Hmmm, not exactly sure what you're getting at. But a kroot camp in itself would make a lovely terrain piece. They would probably confer a 5 or 6+ cover sv too. I made some kroot huts, they look like the tuskan raider huts in SW episode 2. They are quite nifty, and are one of my favourite pieces. As for the infiltration, perghaps they count as being in jungle or something? Good luck anyways, its a nice idea.
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