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    2000 usf tweaked

    with regards to the maugan ra vs. the avatar thread, this is my new usf list:

    Seer Council 294
    2 farseers, witchblades, shurican pistols, fortune, 1 wraithgate
    2 warlocks, witchblades, shurican pistols, embolden, enhance
    2 warlocks, ccw, pistols, augment
    Maugan Ra 130

    20 black guardian defenders w/warlock (ccw, pistol, conceal, wraithgate) 243
    10 black guardian defenders 80
    3x16 black storm guardians. 1 fusion gun, 1 flamer w/warlock (ccw, shurican pistol, enhance) 489 (163 each)

    9 banshees w/exarch (executioner) 181

    Fast Attack
    Black vyper w/2 shuricannons 80
    Black vyper w/missile launcher & ctm 110

    Heavy Support
    Black war walker w/starcannon, scatter laser 105
    Black war walker w/2 brightlances 115
    4 dark reapers 148

    it's 1975 points, so 25 left over. i was thinking of dropping the smaller defender squad for another shuricannon vyper popping out of the gate (12 S6 ap5 shot at BS4). other than that i'm not sure what to do with it. my assault out of the gate is pretty solid, and i've got two gates for a bit of flexibility. anyone who plays usf regularly want to help me out?

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    Sure... let's see.

    In your Seer Council, you could as well drop the Witchblades (at least on the Warlocks) so save some points, they are probably going to die anyway. Buy some more meat shield warlocks with augment, you can afford it in this big a game.

    I think you would be a bit better off with a Spear of Khaine than Maugan Ra, you use a lot of Black Guardians and if you lose a combat they are pretty cowardly. The Fearless aura and the fact that he is a big freakin' monster is very useful. He should have two Warlocks with him, one with Enhance (and maybe Waystone, if you want to use one this is the very best place) and one with Destructor. These are the only Warlock powers that are not useless in this squad, then give them Witchblades because you have to as well.

    When you use two gates, it is very very important that you make sure your gates are deployed in the same turn. If one gate is out and the other is not all your reserves that has arrived at the moment will come out of the one that is opened, and the other gate will be a waste.

    Troops are fine, you might want Witchblades on the Warlocks in the Storm Squads though... adds a lot of punch that they need, and makes them able to take down vehicles without grenades.

    Banshees are fine.

    Honestly I don't think you need that Vyper with 2 Shuricannons, you have a big load of anti-infantry stuff already. It would probably be better off with a Bright lance.

    Your first War Walker should have 2 Star cannons instead... having a Scatter laser and a Star cannon is like having soy sauce on pancakes. You don't need more anti-light infantry stuff than you already have with those Guardians, so you could as well dedicate that Walker to kill heavy infantry.

    The Dark Reapers are OK, but don't deploy them in sight of like everything your opponent has, they are good at making passages dangerous though. Consider having 3 D-cannons instead for almost the same points, since they can hide behind terrain.
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    In addition to what Victor said, I think it might be an idea to give fusionguns to your Storm squad instead of flamers as you don't really want to kill what you want to assault (before actually charging anyways) and they prepare you against vehicals which may be present.

    IMO Dark Reapers are too much of an immobile unit to be too useful in a strike force. They may prove themselves in one game and not in another. But it might be better to have a unit which can move around and shoot heavy weapons or have platforms that can hide away from view.

    I think you two shuriken cannons vyper can do without the bottom cannon and replace the top one with a brightlance/ missle launcher and CTM. It is very important that vypers have these as it makes them survive alot longer.

    Maugan Ra and the squad of 10 Gaurdians could be removed to make changes to the list. The special character can hit quite hard but I don't think he can be as good as some other units and the squad of 10 gaurdians might not do too much by themselves.
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