Ok, a few friends *including Lost Nemesis* are doing a 4 or 5 man free for all, King of the Hill game *most scoring units withing X of location wins*.

I am using the old codex, because I don't have the new one *and Nemmie doesn't want to play at the local store...where I could buy/borrow it* Here's my list.

Shas'El - 85
Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Multi Tracker

2 Units of 12 Fire Warriors with Shas'Ui

2 Units of 2 Crisis Suits with Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, and Multi Tracker

1 Hammerhead with Ion Cannon, Burst Cannon, Multi Tracker, and Target Lock.

I'll be playing against two Marines *one is a new player, other one beats me a lot*, possibly an Eldar player *no troubles there:shifty:* and Lost Nemesis. I'm not sure what army he'll be playing, since he doesn't actually own an army last time I checked

My question, and ideas for tactics or list configurations? Right now, my Uber-Tauish tactic is to just shoot everyone else. I don't really care about the win as much as I do causing mass casualties. My first target will be the Experienced Marine guy *Army list will most likely have 2 LSTornado's, 2 Tactical Squads in Rhino's, and some annoyingly good HQ*

The plan there is to blow the Rhino's with Ion Cannons and Missle Pods, then Ion and Plasma the occupants. Meanwhile, the Fire Warriors will go after the LSTornados.

If that doesn't work, I'll do something similar to the other Marine, or just mass fire the Eldar. I have no real plan for Lost Nem...since I have no idea what he'll play.