Just fyi to escalation is as follows
No more that 3 wounds
No 2+
No vehicles greater than 200pts… sort of
Ok here is the list

HQ shas’el PR+MP+MT=82
E XV15 X 4 (one has fusion blaster)=122
E XV8 Airburst + Burst cannon + MT=63
Troop FishOfury :wacko: 12xfire warriors + devil fish and decoy =205
Heavy Rail head SMS+MT+decoy=175

I am still real new at Tau and just need some advice on this list. Doing ok at the tourney so far I am in 4th place:w00t: . I will be facing nids and LOTS of space marines. One list that is taking names is Space Marine swarm. Lots of 3+ save squads and lascannons in each squad. That’s right 3 lascannons eeeeep!

Thanks for all the help in advance!