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    O'Shovah Faction 2000pt

    I am running the full O'Shovah Bodyguard, with gun drones, giving the unit a total size of 22 Models (32 in terms of outnumbering). Also with the blood brothers special rule, all units are given bonding knives for free. The main point of this army is first turn, draw in the enemy (most opponents will charge straight towards the tau anyways because we can get beat down by a kid with a baseball bat) with the broadside & sniper team as a lure. Broadsides target heavily armed tanks on first turn, while hammer head goes after a light vehicle (or devestator team, etc...). Second turn, the relay is used to bring in the O'Shovah & team, using deep strike on a 2+, behind the enemy to form a pincer attack. The squads mix of weapons and target lock allows me to go after multiple high priority targets while the gun drones weaken and pin down nearby infintry units. The majority of the enemy army should be gone by the end of the 2nd turn.

    Btw, Gun drones circle around my Shas'O, abusing the no targetting of an indipendant character, and pinning nearby infintry.

    anyways, the List:

    All units with a * next to their name are also equipped with: Target Array, HW Multi-Tracker, HW Drone Controller, 2x Gun Drones, and a HW Target Lock

    HQ:: 1091pts
    Commander O'Shovah: 170pts
    Bodyguard #1*: Airbursting Fragmentation Launcher, Cyclic Ion Blaster: 110pts
    Bodyguard #2*: Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, Failsafe Detanator: 122pts
    Bodyguard #3*: Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle: 107pts
    Bodyguard #4*: Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle: 107pts
    Bodyguard #5*: Fusion Blaster, Missle Pod: 99pts
    Bodyguard #6*: Plasma Rifle, Missle Pod: 107pts
    Bodyguard #7*: Plasma Rifle, Missle Pod: 107pts

    Shas'O: Plasma Rifle, Missle Pod, Shield Generator, HW Multi-Tracker, Iridium Armour, Stimulant Injector: 162pts

    Elite:: 228pts
    1x Crisis Suit: Positional Relay, TL Missle Launcher, Shas'vre: 68pts

    4x Stealth Suit: 4x Target Array: 160pts

    Troops:: 120pts
    6x Fire Warriors: 60pts

    6x Fire Warriors: 60pts (normally I would be using a unit of kroot here)

    Fast Attack:: 96pts
    8x Gun Drones: 96pts

    Heavy Suppot:: 465pts
    Hammerhead: Ion Cannon, SMS, Decoy Launcher, Multi-Tracker, Target Lock: 145pts

    3x Sniper Drone Team: 240pts

    1x Broadside: Stabalization System: 80pts

    Total: 2000pts

    Last edited by FolkenFanel; March 28th, 2006 at 22:30.
    Donuts anyone?

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    personally i think ur army's gonna be dead by turn 2 there is just too few models to be effective at anythin and my sisters could probably get it done a turn sooner
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