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    1850 Tau Army List


    Shaso - 138 points
    Twin Linked Plasma Rifle
    Shield Generator
    Hard Wired Target Lock, Black Sun Filter, Multi Tracker


    Stealth Team -207 points
    Shas'vre with marker Light and Bonding Knife
    Shas'ui with Fusion Blaster
    4 Shas'ui with Burst Cannon


    Fire Warrior Team x 3 = 471 points
    Shas'ui with Marker Light, Pulse Rifle and Bonding Knife
    11 Shas'la with Pulse Rifles
    All have Photon Grenades

    Fast Attack

    Gun Drone Squadron x 2 = 192 points
    8 Gun Drones

    Pathfinder Team - 261 points
    Shas'ui with Pulse Carbine and Bonding Knife
    3 Shas'la with Rail Rifles and Target Lock
    4 Shas'la with Pulse Carbines
    Devilfish with 2 Seeker Missiles, Targeting Array, Disruption Pods, and Smart Missile System

    Heavy Support

    XV88 Broadside Battle Suit Team - 180 points
    Shas'vre with Twinn Linked Plasma Rifles, Hard Wired Target Lock, Targeting Array
    Shas'ui with Multi Tracker

    Sniper Drone Team 80 x 2 = 160 points
    2 Sniper Drone Teams

    2 Sky Ray Missile Defense Gunships - 290 points
    Both with Two Burst Cannons, Targeting Array, and Disruption Pods

    Well there is my first list. I am trying to make a low suit army that serves much like the Cavalry unit that was in We Were Soldiers. I opted out of the Etheral leader because I plan to do a conversion using the XV22 suit for my Shaso. I tried to max out on infantry and support weapons for the infantry. Let me know what you think. Kroot and Vespid are not a option. I DETEST those models.

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    With out changing the theme of the army I would say drop the rail rifles on the pathfinders, stick to using them for marker lights. Have them do one job and do it well, the sniper drones will handle the rail rifle support.
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