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Thread: 1500point Tau

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    1500point Tau

    this will be my first battle with Tau and the new codex

    this army list is for *friendly games*

    just started my new army after i sold my old Tau 2-3 years ago, i don't own alot of the anti tank models or transports so i gotta make do with what i have


    CIBlaster, burstcannon, MultiT, Dronecontroller, 2 Shield Drone- 133

    2 BodyGuards

    frag gun, missleP, hw MT, TargetingA 82

    PlasmaR, MissileP, HW MT, TargetingA 82

    HQ- 297

    12 Fire Warriors shas'ui Markerlight Drone 160

    12 FW " " 160

    12 FireWarriors 120 some Pulsecarbines

    13 Kroot 91

    13 Kroot 91

    Troops- 622

    Vespid Strainleader, 5 stingwings 102

    Pathfinder Team 8 pathfinders 96

    Devilfish 2 seaker missiles 100

    Fast attack- 298

    Stealth Team 3, fusion blaster 92

    3 XV8 all with missileP, PlasmaR, MT 186

    Elites- 278

    total- 1495

    I would have liked to include a Hammerhead with a railgun and a squadron of Piranahs with Seakermissiles for tank hunting but sadly don't own the models

    what I'm interested in seeing is the effectiveness of the tripple wammi of Stingwings, Stealths and XV8's up a flank with pathfinders in a choice hidie spot making use of those marvelous new markerlight rules, the marker light drones I'm peticulary interested in their performance

    I'll probaly be fighting BT's and will get hammered by lack of AV, but thats where the kroot shield comes in handie in puting a "living shield" in front of my fire warriors, and as we all know jet troops are pretty hard to engage in cc

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    well ill show you since my the changes aswell.

    shas'el w/ ci blaster, plasma rifle and multi tracker 82pts
    * shas'O is to expensive and you want to have more numbers to pump the shots in a tau army so drop drones and keep it simple*

    2 Crisis Suits w/ Plasma rifle, Multi Tracker and Missile Pods 124pts
    2 Crisis Suits w/ Plasma rifle, Missile Pods and Multi tracker 124pts
    * these guys are good as they are they dont need upgrade*

    4 stealth Suits 120pts
    *these guys are superior to anyother things i seen, dont use them to hunt tanks since its risky so just use them to take out light infantry*

    10 fire warriors w/ pulse rifles 100pts
    10 fire warriors w/ pulse rifles 100pts
    10 fire warriors w/ pulse rifles 100pts
    10 fire warriors w/ pulse rifles 100pts
    10 fire warriors w/ pulse rifles 100pts
    * these guys are like the mortar in a wall. with str5 weapons its most like rip apart alot of things if shot enough times at them*
    12 kroot 84pts
    * kroot are good if you know how to use them, i keep them as a shield for El' in cover.*

    6 pathfinders w/ shas'ui and target lock 87pts
    devilfish w/ multi tracker 2 seeker missiles 110pts
    * dont waste that many points on these guys, have a target lock so you can target things separate from the squad*
    5 vespids with leader 102pts
    * keep them away from fire and target little squads like assualt squads and etc

    hammer head w/ railgun, burst cannons, multi tracker and decoy launchers 165pts
    *heres the hammerhead if do get this then add it.* try some second hand stores or even ebay to get cheap ones

    hope this helps.
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