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    First tau. 1500 tourny

    Alright. First every Tau list. Nothing is baught yet really... save the Tau starter. I was sorta goin for more tactic than static. But this is what I have. I may be breaking some rules as I have just gotten to codex so please be gentile :oP

    1x Commander - 142 pts
    -Missile Pod
    -Plasma Rifel
    -Multi Tracker
    -2x Shield Drones

    Elites - 201 pts
    1x 3 Crisis suits
    -Burst Cannon
    -Plasma Rifle
    -Multi Tracker
    -One upgraded to have marker Drone

    1x 3 Stealth suits - 125 pts
    -One with marker drone

    2x Squads of 12 Fire warriors in Devil Fish 200/400pts

    Fast Attack
    1x Squad of 8 Pathfinders all with markerlights in fish (Is that smart to have all marks) 176

    3x Pirahna with Fusion Blasters - 195

    2x Hammer heads with rail rifel and burst cannons - 300

    That is what I have so far. It leaves me with 150 points to play with. So help me with what to fill that with, and what I have done wrong already :oP

    When all else fails... charge it with a Tyrant.

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    Decoy launchers are a must on your hammerheads. Take 6 stealths, as they are most useful when maxed. The rest looks fine, I might change some parts but that'd just be on my preference, so don't take the rest of what I say too seriously.

    I'd upgrade one suit member to a 'vre in order to let him take the airbursting frag projector, as it is a wonderful large template weapon. It is also barrage so it ignores his BS of 3. I also prefer missle pods or fusion guns over burst cannons as both missle pods and fusion guns can hurt high toughness units (and help pop armor). I also like to take shield generators on my crisis suits, but it really depends on who you play. If you're playing an opponent with many high S weapons which can instant kill your suits then the shield generators pay for themselves. If you're not, then they're a bit of a point sink.

    Ask yourself why in the world would you trust a win loss record? Playing them yourself is the only way to tell.

    The true joy in the game is playing down to the last model, no matter the odds.

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