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Thread: [500] VS Tau

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    [500] VS Tau

    So yeah my friend has tau and I just got some tyranid. The thing is I feel im gona get my ass handed to me in a 500 pts. battle. Here is what I have...I hope its enough.

    Hive Tyrant
    2 Zoanthropes
    16 Termagaunts
    16 Hormaguants
    8 Genestealers
    3 Warriors with deathspitters

    He has almost everything of the tau.

    I think he will be using an crisis suit team hq and 2 firewarrior squads...maybe more.

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    Split the Hormagaunts and the Termagaunts in 2 groups of 8 , you'll see that it is much easier to field that way. He will have more targets at which to shoot=> thus making more mistakes. What are the biomorphs of the Hive Tyrant and the Carnifex? (Btw, don't you think that a HT AND a Carnifex is a little too much for 500?) Get more gaunts by losing the Carnifex , give the Stealers EC !

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    I play against Tau all the time (Its one of my 4 main opponents) And i find you need to get into close combat quickly... Have you assembled all your figures?? if not then this is what i reccomend you make for a 500 points list.

    Hive Tyrant:
    Acid Maw,
    Adrenaline Gland (Ws),
    Flesh Hooks,
    Toxin Sacs,
    Symbiote Rippers (Pretty much just here to use up the 3 remaining points.),
    Toxin Miasma,
    2x Scything talons.
    219 Points.

    Yes he is alot of points but he is fast and will destroy mthe fire warriors and battlesuits in Cc if he gets there quick enough (Which should be turn 2).

    8 Hormagaunts.
    80 Pts

    8 Hormagaunts
    80 Pts

    Keep these with the Tyrant So they hopefully assault the same turn (And hopefully first so that the Tyrant doesnt get hit back in Cc)

    8 Genestealers.
    Extended Carapace.
    120 Pts.

    Total = 499

    The tactics for this army would be try to charge him. Try to get to him across his rapid fire range before he can hit you (Thats what the Hormagaunts are for) and then charge him with your stronger things (Genestealers+Flyrant). Althoguh dont hesitate to charge your hormagaunts into fire warriors without support because they destroy them in Cc anyway (3 attacks each on the charge striking first and hitting on 3+ = <--You, Opponent-->:cry:

    Hope this helps.

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