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    1000 pt Godzilla List

    This is a Godzilla list i made for 1000 pts. I think it would be fairly competitve. Here's the list.

    Hive Tyrant - ES, EC, TS, TL Dev, VC - 172 pts
    +Tyrant Guard - 45 pts

    6 x Genestealers - EC - 120 pts

    6x Genestealers - EC - 120 pts

    Carnifex - Rein Chit, Spine Banks, 2 x TL Devs - 133 pts

    Carnifex - Rein Chit, VC, BS - 163 pts

    Carnifex - AGs(WS), BE, EC, FH, Regen, Rein Chi, Scy Tail, TM, TS, Tusks, CCs, STs - 247 pts

    Total = 1000 pts
    Models = 17
    Wounds = 33

    So yeah im sure all of you are wondering why i have a 247 pt monster in 1000 pts. Well, first of all, consider how much firepower it will take to kill this big guy. Now consider, how many armies are going to have this amount of firepower in 1000 pts. Im not saying he wont die, but my opponent will either have to choose to shoot a lot at it, or not shoot it at all. Either way, i still have plenty of damage dealers. Im sure my Genestealers will die first, if they last long enough to get maybe 2 or 3 into hand to hand by turn 2 ill be happy. Im not saying this list cant lose, but it should be competitive and fun to play with. I do realize that its on the cheesey side, but i think id have a fun time playing with it. Let me know what you think. Any comments/suggestions/criticisms are welcome. Thanks in advance

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    i have played one very close to that list, and the proplem i had is synapse

    hear is the list that i modafide it to

    HT 212points
    bio-plasma/flesh hooks/toxin sacs/implant/miasma/+ws/wings

    troops 192points
    6 stealers
    6 stealers

    Heavy Fex @198 zoan @195
    Fex +t/+bs/+sv/+w/spinebanks/TL Barbed strangler
    Fex +t/+bs/+sv/+w/spinebanks/TL Barbed strangler
    3 zoan 2/psychic scream 1/synapse 3/warp blast

    i have played 4( 2 win 1 draw 1 los ) games befor i changed the list and 2 after (wins both)

    hope this helped most people do not like my lists hay thay fit my play stile

    may you consume all who stand befor you
    Necrons 11k Tyranids 7k Iron Hands 6k
    my local club
    Necron sits

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