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    2000pt friendly list

    Here's my 2000 pt friendly list.

    87 - Shas'el
    Plasma, fusion, multitracker

    186 - 3 Crisis
    Plasma, fusion, multitracker

    106 - 2 Crisis
    TL Missile Pods, Targeting Array

    240 - 6 Stealth
    Targeting Array

    240 - 12 Fire Warriors w/Devilfish
    Shas'ui, bonded, Disruption pod, Mutlitracker, Flechette Dischargers

    240 - Same as above

    84 - 12 Kroot

    380 - 2 Hammerheads
    Railgun, SMS, Target Lock, Multitracker, Disruption Pod, Flechette Dischargers

    215 - 2 Broadsides
    Shas'vre, Drone Controller, Target Lock, 4 Shield Drones

    Now I need to get some fast attack in there. I have between 222 and 282 points to work with (I'll take 60 from the Stealth team if I have to).
    Based on what I have in the list already, do you guys have any suggestions as to which FA choices I should take?
    I have a Pathfinder team and a ton of gun drones ready for action, but lately I have'nt been using the Pathfinders much. I don't have stingwings or piranha yet, but I will gladly buy them if need be.
    I tried to make a pretty balanced list, a 'take on anyone' type list, if you will, and would like to keep it that way. However, I do seem to play alot of MEQs.
    I'm thinking of taking the flechettes off the HH, as they rarely get assaulted. Not like the Devilfish, who I purposesly put in harms way sometimes.
    Any advise would be great.

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