well bordom has struck yet again and i am compelled to make a challenging eldar list that is not loaded up on star cannons and wraithlords and other such evil creations. so here it is.

i am unsure if i have to have a second farseer to use the extra 5 warlocks in my other squads as leaders so clarifacation may be needed. also if the eldar players are reading this please help me with the points values and tell me the corrections, i am doing this from emory and i have not read the eldar codex in a year. so point values will be a god send.


farseer, witch blade, shuriken pistol, fortune 76pts
retinue / 5 warlocks, witch blades, shuriken pistols, 1 enhance, 1 embolden, 155pts
(goes inside a falcon)

farseer, witch blade, shuriken pistol, guide 86pts
(joins the other farseer and his retinue)


6 fire dragons 102pts
(goes inside a second falcon, and hunts down tanks and other big creatures that can be a hassle)


10 storm guardians, 2 fusion guns, warlock, witch blade, shuriken pistol, enhance 130pts (these guys shall roam in the cover and either charge against things i want to delay (speed bump) or to take them out if they are not that tough)

10 guardians, 1 weapon platform, star cannon, warlock, conceal, singing spear 165pts

10 guardians, 1 weapon platform, star cannon, warlock, conceal, singing spear 165pts
(the purpose of these guys are to create some good fire bases and target powerful opponant units)

guardian jetbike squadron, 3 jetbikes, warlock, singing spear, embolden 170pts
the jetbikes squad is a secodary ank hunter squad, as with the warock with the singing spear they can easily get to good positions to take the enemy down and a nother role they can do is fly around ad unleash bursts of shuriken fire at units of troops)

falcon, scatter laser, star engines 160pts
(the falcons main purpose is to fly up the battle field and deploy the farseer retinue in a good position to get some good charges in against key opponant units)

falcon, scatter laser, star engine 160pts
(thos falcon has 6 fire dragons inside, with this in mind it shall be going to an enemy tank that is going to a or is a problem, a secondary role is to hunt after big monstrous creatures)

2 support weapon batteries, 2 distort cannons, warlock, embolden 112pts
(these guys do what any barrage weaondoes...barrage on any unit that comes near them, there main targets shall be units that can be instant killed by them, such as a daemon prince)

army total 1486pts

i think that this list is incerbible competative if used correctly. it has a fluffy feel to it as i have a farseer for every 5 warlocks in the army, i also have not over loaded on star cannons, which seems to be used as the exclusive weapon by all eldar armies.

this list is designed to do shooting more than combat although combat is a strong componant with a -farseer council- in the army. who should be able to take on alot of opponant units in combat.