After putting off getting the new codex: Tau Empire for weeks, i finally picked it up again. After skimming through the pages while on the crapper(and off) i found to my great delight, piranha and i have mixed feelings about vespids. But i do need some help on how to change my list to fit these new toys.

My old list

TW Missle pod
PLasma rifle
HW multi-tracker

93 pts

TW plasma rifle
missle pod
Hw multi-tracker

97 pts

Stealth Squad
6 Shas'ui

180 pts

Fire Warriors
12, Shas'ui

130 pts

Fire Warriors
12, Shas'ui

130 pts

Targeting array
Decoy launchers

100 pts


84 pts

---Heavy Support---
Smart Missle system
disruption pod
target lock
multi tracker

180 pts

994 pts total

This list, was budget tau... getting a relatively effective army with a thin wallet. Now with the new units i fear i must expend alittle more to buy the piranha, vespids, maybe sniper drones, and a good looking Shadowsun.

some of my plans were to drop two stealth suits and the pack of kroot to add in two Piranha, one with fusion blaster the other without. the maybe upgrade one stealth suits BC to a fusion blaster.

i would really like advice from someone who has taken the new units for a test drive and give me a say on how to alter my list